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Fine Granite Memorials

Bench Memorials

Our bench memorials are some the finest granite works we have ever created. Wether used for a traditional park bench memorial or a custom cremation piece, you can see just how magnificent these are. In fact, our granite memorial benches are often way more than just 2 bench legs and a seat. They house loved ones remains in some cases and provide a large amount of inscription space for story telling in others. Click here to learn more about some of our favorite bench memorial designs. 

Many of these samples were custom creations that may not be duplicated, but they may be used for inspiration.

Personalized Garden Stones

We source some of the finest boulders and granite slabs from all over the world. With options to attach a bronze plaque to the boulder of your choosing, having a natural garden stone will definitely show off a unique story for and rugged finish. For natural signage, mark you front driveway with an elegant address boulder engraved with your street name and address numbers. Click here to view more engraved Garden Stones and Natural Cut Boulders.

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