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Welcome To Santa Barbara Monumental

A Letter From Jed, Our Certified Monument Builder.

At Santa Barbara Monumental Co. we have provided families and cemeteries in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo areas with personalized headstones, monuments, and memorial design services since 1931.

We offer a variety of exceptional products and services at affordable prices for the following: Headstones and Markers; Bronze markers; Slants and Pillow Memorials; Upright Monuments; Bench Memorials; Commercial Signage and Engraving; Donation Bricks; Engraved Rocks and Garden Art; Civic Monuments.

Everyone has a unique story that deserves to be told. Our experience has taught us that the more families are able to participate in the design process, the more they are able to appreciate the finished memorial.

Thank you for allowing us to help you honor and remember your loved one.

About Us

Santa Barbara Monumental is one of only two California members of the American Institute of Commemorative Art, a group dedicated to creative and artistic memorials. Membership is by invitation-only. We are also active in Monument Builders of North America and the California Monument Association. We subscribe to their codes of good practice. On our staff is California’s first Certified Memorialist. The Monument Builders of North America grants this certification to those memorialists that demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the principals and practices associated with the memorial profession. Santa Barbara Monumental is a family owned business, founded in 1931 by Al Hendrickson. Mr. Hendrickson’s grandson, Jed Hendrickson, CM, AICA has been president of Santa Barbara Monumental for nearly thirty years. People have occasionally asked about our name, Santa Barbara Monumental. We are not a “monumental” company in size but the term monumental actually refers to stone quarried specifically for monuments. We have often thought about changing the name but after more than 80 years, we think we’ll keep it.

"We Look Forward To Telling Your Loved Ones Story In Stone."

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What To Look For In A Memorial Designer And Builder

Stable & Honest Business Reputation

With a full time commitment to designing, producing, and selling memorials, Santa Barbara Monumental offers consistency at every turn.

A Memorialist Who Has Product on Hand

There are very many differences when it come to designing memorials out of granite. A good Monument Builder will always let you see similar styles in your chosen color so you know exactly what you are getting.
Never Go Solely Off The Pictures!

An Attractive Display

An attractive display where you may view a selection of memorials in different sizes, colors, finishes, materials, and styles.

The Ability To Listen And Learn Your Loved One's Story

The ability to counsel…to help you create a memorial that is artistically designed and personalized for your loved one.

Knowledge Of Cemeteries Rules And Regulations

Every cemetery we work with has different rules about what size memorials can be set where. We will handle all of the cemetery's checklist for you.

Stasell Dolphin Upright Headstone
Upright Headstones
Civic Memorials
Hendrickson Custom Upright Headstone
Custom Headstones
Dandylion Bronze Plaque Memorial
Custom Bronze Markers
Hindelang Custom Memorial Bench
One Of A Kind Bench Memorials
Bechtel Historical Flat Grave Marker Example
Traditional Flat Grass Markers

Building Your Memorial

Helpful Hints

  • Granite colors – each of our granites has its own special characteristics, structure, and unique color.
  • Each piece of natural, quarried granite is as unique as a snowflake – similar to one another but with subtle differences that assure no two pieces are exactly alike. Or choose bronze for the memorial – a metal known to endure the ages.
  • Portraits – photos can be added to any memorial. Portrait medallions of permanent porcelain can be done in color or black and white.
  • Military service emblems – are available in full-color medallions.
  • Vast Scenery Etching – Using our special micro-engraving process we can etch photos or scenes directly into stone.

Creating a Personalized Memorial

Telling Your Loved One's Story In Stone

First, you should gather your ideas – what aspects of your loved one’s life will you want to preserve and cherish?

Second, consider the following aspects that make up the chapters of a life:

  • Family Heritage
  • Life’s Work and Accomplishments
  • Interests and Hobbies
  • Social and Civic Contributions
  • Memorable Events and Occasions
  • Faith and Belief
  • Character and Traits

From these jot down your ideas – inscription, endearments, religious symbols, civic or military emblems.

Third, meet with our staff – our skilled memorial staff can help you understand different design and carving options, lettering and photographs. You can choose from our library of standard design work or we can create custom artwork for your individual use. Working together we will create a rough outline indicating where the design and text elements should be placed.

Fourth, receive a rendering for approval – our staff will create a rendering for your review and approval. Any last minute adjustments can be made. Once the rendering is approved, work will begin on the memorial.

The completed memorial will truly tell your loved one’s story in stone


Things To Know About Your Cemetery

Helpful Resources

Cleaning Memorials In The Cemetery

The granite memorial you have purchased is a combination of the finest natural materials and modern craftsmanship. However, like any material exposed to the elements some maintenance is recommended. Memorials are exposed to airborne pollution, chemical residues from fertilizer and weed killers, and especially mineral deposits from water. Never use waxes or polishes on the granite. Any window-cleaning agent, such as Windex, will bring up the natural luster by cleaning the surface of the stone. Once or twice a year, perhaps on an anniversary, birthday or Memorial Day, use a solution made from three or four tablespoons of granular electric dishwasher detergent, such as Cascade, Electrosal or Sunlight, and one quart of water to scrub the memorial. A fiber-bristled brush (do not use plastic or metal bristle brushes) should be used and when the washing is completed, the memorial should be rinsed thoroughly. Take care not to get the solution in your eyes by wearing appropriate eye protection. It is best if this cleaning is done when the memorial is cool – early morning or late afternoon is best. For heavy mineral deposits, the memorial can be cleaned with BBQ grill brick. Grill bricks are a soft volcanic rock that can be used to clean polished granite.

3 Steps To Cleaning A Monument With A Grill Brick

1. Wipe off memorial to remove any loose debris. This step is very important

2. BBQ grill bricks should be used wet. Gently rub the grill brick on the polished surfaces in a light, circular motion. Do not try to clean in areas where the polish has been removed. The grill brick will slowly wear away while removing the surface buildup.

3. Wipe or wash off the residue.


Industry Links

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American Institute of Commemorative Art

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California Monument Builders Association

Since 1939, CMA has promoted quality memorialization and sought to protect the public’s right to purchase memorials from the source of their choice. Visit

California Department of Consumer Affairs

Licenses and regulates California funeral directors, cemeteries and crematories. Publishes “Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cemetery Purchases. visit httpss://

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