• Hindelang Custom Memorial Bench

Here we will take a look at the Bench Memorial Design. Bench Memorials can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all with the intention of being one of the most interactive of all memorials. 

Whether for cremation, stand alone, in conjunction with a larger estate plot, or used for ornamental park design; bench memorials are also one of the most versatile memorials we offer.  

In this article, we are going to cover:

  1. Bench Memorial Overall Design
  2. Available Granite Colors for Benches
  3. Pricing and What to Expect When Purchasing A Bench Memorial
  4. Where Can You Get A Bench Memorial Engraved Near You?

Bench Memorial Design

  • Gibson Memorial Bench
  • Eiler Custom Memorial Bench

The traditional memorial bench design consists of simply: 2 legs and a cross section for the “Seat”. In our more modern designs those two legs are typically square with the same square shape for the bench seat. this modern look can be seen with the Gibson Bench pictured.

In more unique and one of a kind memorials, we see a much larger variant of the leg shape. As with the Eiler Bench pictured, the Eiler family wanted to tell more of a rugged family story. Thus, the bench supports have a more raw and natural look to them. 

The Eiler Bench Memorial can also be noted for its use a a cremation bench. The larger/thicker legs allow for the last remains and urns to be fully encapsulated. This particular design can house the remains of 4 members of the Eiler Estate. 

Available Granite Colors Best Suited For Memorial Park Benches

  • Bahama Blue Granite Color
  • Black Granite Color
  • Blue Pearl Granite Color
  • Carnelian Granite Color
  • Gray Granite Color
  • Morning Rose Granite Color
  • Rainbow Granite Color
  • Regal Black Granite Color
  • Salisbury Pink Granite Color
  • Sedona Pink Granite Color
  • Sentinel Red Granite Color
  • White Marble Color

Selecting the right color takes time. All of the colors of granite are mined and sourced from all over the world. Thus, each stone is ever so slightly different.

The sample photos are very good representation of the granite we source daily but in some cases, it is likely that you may see some variation in the color across the stone. (See the Rainbow or Bahama Blue Granite Examples) Whereas, some patterns are more uniform. (See the Blue Pearl or Gray Granite Examples). 

Some of the most popular colors we source and engrave on daily are Gray, Sentinel Red, and Black. While these may be the most popular, we find that what matters most in selecting the bench memorial granite color is the story of the one or family memorialized.

All colors considered, its best to reach out and speak with one of our expert memorial designers for more details of weekly stock and how long custom pieces will take to get here. 

Pricing and What You Can Expect When It Comes To Purchasing A Bench Memorial

When it comes time to design your loved ones Bench Memorial, it is always wise to take your budget into account. In Santa Barbara, and the surrounding area, you can expect to range anywhere from $1500 – $7000+ for your loved ones memorial bench.  

The choice granite color and amount of engraving work needed both factor into the cost of our granite memorial benches. 

Requesting a proposal from our expert designers will get you the quickest quote possible. Our memorialists have crafted many life stories in beautiful bronze and cannot wait to begin casting your loved ones story. 

Finding a Memorial Bench Designer Near You

Now that you have reviewed your color options, design ideas, and even the price range of your loved ones Bench Memorial headstone, it’s time to set an appointment with our Artisan Memorialist Jed Hendrickson. Him and His Santa Barbara Monumental Team will engrave your loved ones story and make that engraving last for generations to come. 

Request a Proposal For Your Loved Ones Bench Memorial