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  • Rachel Brown Bronze Memorial Gravestone Design

Building a Bronze Grave Marker to tell the story of your loved one is one of the most lasting and beautiful ways to do it. Our bronze is sourced from right here in the United States so you know it will last forever. 

When it comes time to memorialize your loved one, tell their story in exquisite bronze. Tell their unique story with a one-of-a-kind bronze grave marker.  

In this article, we are going to cover:

  1. Bronze Grave Marker Design
  2. Available Granite Colors to Mount on
  3. Pricing and What to Expect When Purchasing A Bronze Grave Marker
  4. Where Can You Get A Bronze Marker Near You?

Bronze Grave Marker Memorial Design

  • Chase Bronze Memorial Gravestone
  • Escobosa Bronze Companion Gravestone
  • Miller Bronze Memorial Gravestone
  • Katylin Marie Bronze Memorial Headstone

Commonly used in larger Mausoleums and in traditional grave plots; memorializing with a bronze grave marker can be quite versatile. Typically, you will start with the surname of the one being memorialized; commonly scrolled across the upper center. Next, we take down the rest of their name and important dates below. After that the background color or field must be selected (either polished or hammered). And, lastly, select a beautiful border or call on something from their past for inspiration to make it truly their own. 

When your loved one passes away, they take with them a whole host of hobbies and personal joys that they enjoyed while living. These loves they shared should not be forgotten in their memorial. If this is the case, a larger bronze memorial with a specific “scene” sprawled in the background will really help tell their story. 

Did they love to fish or do you have a specific portrait of them you want cast? Both options are possible and both will really make your loved one’s memorial really stand out. 

Here are a couple design ideas and questions that might help you get their Bronze Grave Marker design rolling. 

Did they have a bold personality?

A BOLD FONT with other bold imagery may tell their story best.

Did they have a central hobby that they truly loved?

Perhaps a full-scale cast bronze scene of their favorite golf course with the words “I’d Always Rather Be There” underneath would suit your avid golfer. 

Or their favorite bird or flowers adorning the upper corner or as a border.

Were they religious?

Beautiful words from wise scripture may be the perfect way to commemorate their life. 

Available Granite Colors For Mounting Bronze Grave Markers

  • Emerald Pearl Granite
  • Bahama Blue Granite Color
  • Black Granite Color
  • Blue Pearl Granite Color
  • Carnelian Granite Color
  • Sira Gray Granite
  • Morning Rose Granite Color
  • Rainbow Granite Color
  • Regal Black Granite Color
  • Sedona Pink Granite Color
  • Sentinel Red Granite Color
  • White Marble Color

Selecting the right color takes time. All of the colors of granite are mined and sourced from all over the world. Thus, each stone is ever so slightly different.

The bronze grave marker you design will be mounted to the granite of your choice. So, that granite color will act as a 2″ border around the bronze. 

The sample photos are a very good representation of the granite we source daily, but in some cases, it is likely that you may see some variation in the color across the stone, look at the Rainbow or Bahama Blue granite for examples. Where some patterns are more uniform like the Blue Pearl or Gray granite. 

All colors considered, it’s best to reach out and speak with one of our expert memorial designers for more details of weekly stock and how long custom pieces will take to get here. 

Pricing and What You Can Expect When It Comes To Purchasing A Bronze Grave Marker

  • Krawczyk Ship Bronze Monument

When it comes time to design your loved one’s bronze memorial, it is always wise to take your budget into account. In Santa Barbara and the surrounding area, you can expect your memorial to range anywhere from $2,000 – $4,000+ depending on size and amount of design work. Requesting a proposal from our expert designers will get you the quickest quote possible. Our memorialists have crafted many life stories in beautiful bronze and cannot wait to begin casting your loved one’s story. 

Finding a Bronze Grave Marker Designer Near You

Now that you have reviewed your color options, design ideas, and even the price range of your loved one’s bronze headstone, it’s time to set an appointment with our Artisan Memorialist, Jed Hendrickson. He and his Santa Barbara Monumental Team will design your loved one a beautiful bronze grave marker that will tell their story for generations. 

  • Rachel Brown Bronze Memorial Gravestone Design
  • Chase Bronze Memorial Gravestone
  • Escobosa Bronze Companion Gravestone
  • Miller Bronze Memorial Gravestone
  • Katylin Marie Bronze Memorial Headstone
  • Emery Busts Bronze Memorial
  • Krawczyk Ship Bronze Monument
  • Began Bronze Grave Marker
  • Demourkas Bronze Grave Memorial
  • Messmer Photo Bronze Memorial
  • Brown Bronze Memorial
  • Young Bronze Monument
  • Walter Bronze Memorial
  • Fennel Bronze Grave Marker
  • Fleet Companion Bronze Plaque
  • Rundlett-Gilbert Bronze Memorial

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