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Hindelang Custom Memorial Bench

Cemetery Bench Monuments

Cemetery Bench Monuments are the hybrid memorial design between Upright Monuments and Bench Memorials. Traditionally one of the bench legs is “standard cut” meaning the bench seat rests on top of the leg post. While the other leg is either built into the side of the upright headstone or simply combined into one larger piece. 

This combination of styles allows for a couple of extra features as well. 1) Cemetery Bench Monuments can also double as cremation holding memorials with hidden insert holes. or 2) a host of other attachments can be made, like to an eternal flame as with the example here. 

Cemetery Bench Monuments
Overall Design

  • Hindelang Custom Memorial Bench
  • Eiler Custom Memorial Bench

As mentioned, this hybrid memorial design will be completely unique and certainly standout in the cemetery. The example shown in bahama blue is particularly unique as it hosts an eternal flame in the top on the monument side.

The whole of the bench is more used for it’s memorial aspect than its utilitarian. Being that it is raised on a granite foundation and set in the center of the cemetery, although it is a bench design, it was not built to sit on. The bench style was more incorporated to give the resting spirit somewhere to sit. 

The Eiler Family Bench memorial was built to not only be a bench for those viewing to rest alongside the grave, but to also house the cremation remains of those lost. The smaller leg holds a single 6″ urn while the larger monument side holds 3 – 6″ urns of the family members lost. This style is truly one of the most contemporary and natural ways to house the cremation remains of loved ones. 

Available Granite Colors Best Suited For Cemetery Bench Monuments

  • Emerald Pearl Granite
  • Bahama Blue Granite Color
  • Black Granite Color
  • Blue Pearl Granite Color
  • Carnelian Granite Color
  • Sira Gray Granite
  • Morning Rose Granite Color
  • Rainbow Granite Color
  • Regal Black Granite Color
  • Sedona Pink Granite Color
  • Sentinel Red Granite Color
  • White Marble Color

Selecting the right color takes time. All of the colors of granite are mined and sourced from all over the world. Thus, each stone is ever so slightly different.

The sample photos are a very good representation of the granite we source daily but in some cases, it is likely that you may see some variation in the color across the stone. (See the Rainbow or Bahama Blue Granite Examples) Whereas, some patterns are more uniform. (See the Blue Pearl or Gray Granite Examples). 

Some of the most popular colors we source and engrave on daily are Gray, Sentinel Red, and Black. While these may be the most popular, we find that what matters most in selecting the bench memorial granite color is the story of the one, place or family memorialized.

All colors considered, its best to reach out and speak with one of our expert memorial designers for more details of weekly stock and how long custom pieces will take to get here. 

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Now that you have reviewed your color options, design ideas, and even the price range of your loved one’s cemetery bench monument, it’s time to set an appointment with our Artisan Memorialist Jed Hendrickson. He and His Santa Barbara Monumental Team will engrave your loved one’s story and make that engraving last for generations to come. 

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