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Choosing a Memorial

Creating a personalized memorial - Telling Your Loved One's Story in Stone.

Gather your ideas - what aspects of your loved one's life will you want to preserve and cherish?
Consider the following aspects that make up the chapters of a life:

1. Family Heritage
2. Life's Work and Accomplishments
3. Interests and Hobbies
4. Social and Civic Contributions
5. Memorable Events and Occasions
6. Faith and Belief
7. Character and Traits

From these jot down your ideas - inscription, endearments, religious symbols, civic or military emblems.
Meet with our staff - our skilled memorial staff can help you understand different design and carving options, lettering and photographs. You can choose from our library of standard design work or we can create custom artwork for your individual use. Working together we will create a rough outline indicating where the design and text elements should be placed.

Rendering for approval - our staff will create a rendering for your review and approval. Any last minute adjustments can be made. Once the rendering is approved, work will begin on the memorial. The completed memorial will truly tell your loved one's story in stone.

Granite Colors

Each of our granites has its own special character, structure and unique color. Each piece of natural, quarried granite is as unique as a snowflake - similar to one another but with subtle differences that assure no two pieces are exactly alike.

The following samples are material we keep on hand. Many other unique and special granites may be ordered for your memorial. Santa Barbara Monumental Co. uses only the finest domestic granites from many parts of the United States, as well as quality imported Italian, European, African and Far Eastern granites.


Photos can be added to any memorial. Portrait medallions of permanent porcelain can be done in color or black and white. Military service emblems are available in full color medallions. Using our special micro-engraving process we can etch photos or scenes directly on stone.

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