Custom Memorial in Black and Gray Granites

At Santa Barbara Monumental, we pride our selves on delivering a one of a kind memorial that you will be able to look upon with fond memories of your loved one. In this article, we are going to cover how each piece of granite that comes through our shop is one of a kind. How the shape can tell as much of the story as the letters. And finally, what mix and matching granite colors can do for the overall design.

Custom Memorials and Headstones

One Of a Kind Custom Gravestones

Large Custom Grey and Black Memorial

A one of kind headstone is something that can only be built and developed for someone who lived a full life with an equally massive story to tell. The actual headstone can be composed of many granite types, shapes, and polishes. Those various granite pieces are precisely cut and polished and shipped from all over the world. 

We do offer a variety of granite colors from all over the world. Selecting only the highest quality granite, any gravestone we source for your specific memorial will have its own unique characteristics. Being a natural product, and one that was literally carved from this earth, means that each piece of granite memorial we design for you will have it’s own spots and grain.

What Shape Can Do In Designing A Memorial

The shape of a memorial can be uniform, like many of the common headstones you might see at the cemetery: Strong square edges and a big bold font to etch your loved ones name with. It is only in looking at the most custom of headstones that we begin to see custom shapes carved in, or even carved out as you can see in the tree memorial for Mr. Kessler here. Each one of those leaves is hand carved by our artisan memorialists, all from the original vision of the initial designed drawing. In Mr. Kessler’s case, he was very fond of resting beneath the mighty trees in the Big Sur area just north of our studio here in Santa Barbara, thus his name and story also rest beneath the overhanging foliage. 


Another way to aid in customizing using shaping is to go completely different than the others around your plot and incorporate a way for views of your loved ones memorial to also rest with them. Here you can see how the Eiler Family decided to honor their very supportive parents with a long granite memorial bench. The rocky supports are meant to symbolize the “Rock Solid Support” that those memorialized gave to the rest of their family. A touching tribute for those lost but never forgotten for their hard work and loyalty to the Eiler Family. 

Mixing and Matching Granite Types

Mixing and Matching Granite colors can really aide in memorializing 2 or more people with very different backgrounds or tastes. For the Parisi Family (Featured) they wanted to encompass Nicks love of clean polished lines and order, and Landa’s love of roses and the color red. The memorial also features their respective photos of them living their best lives. Using red, black, and “white” or gray granites allowed the Parisi Family to design the perfect memorial. 


Using different granite color and shape also allows your loved ones memorial to stand out above all else. As seen here with the Tran Family Memorial, The high arching pagoda top is the link between all of the family members memorialized below. The true beauty of this design is the fact that although connected by the family name of Tran, each family member has their own story to tell and thus their own pillar. 

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