Islamic Mortuary and Cemetery, Rosamond


1305 118th St W, Rosamond, CA 93560

Open Daily 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

About Islamic Mortuary and Cemetery, Rosamond

The Islamic Mortuary and Cemetery, a first of its kind, opened in June 1999. This location, also known as Wal- Hamdu- Lillah, has 20 acres of land and is owned by the American Islamic Institute of Antelope. Burials are done according to the Islamic Shari-ah. The body is placed on its right side with face towards Makah and right on the dirt. The depth of the grave is equal to the average man’s height. The grave can’t be raised above the ground more than 8 inches. The grave can be marked with a simple stone. All of the funeral and burial services are offered for a nominal price. 

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