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Bench Memorials

Bench Memorials are becoming a popular choice now. Bench memorials are made of at least 2 pieces of granite. Simplest of these bench monuments has a seat and two harp shaped legs supporting it. Having a bench headstone works good in more than one ways. Bench provides a space to sit near the grave and reflect upon the memories. Also the monument provides space for engraving names, dates, artwork and pictures.


Bronze Grave Markers

Bronze Grave Markers lay flat to the ground with a bronze plaque mounted on top of a granite base marker or a hidden concrete foundation. Common type of bronze markers are rectangle in shape and use a polished top standard color granite as a base. Unique memorials like oval shape can be created by choosing special cut designs. Most cemeteries regulate the size, finish, color and sometimes design engraved on the markers.



Civic Monuments

Civic Monuments is a broad category that consists of veterans war memorials, memorial parks, permanent structures to signify significant events, Usually civic memorials are erected by Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, Purple heart associations, government agencies, not for profit groups and commercial entities. We will work with you from design to production and installation



Commercial Signage

Commercial Signage and Engraving can be provided by Santa Barbara Monumental. Granite or bronze can be used to create nearly permanent company signage, to commemorate donors or to mark a home or business address.



Donation Bricks

Donation Bricks provide an opportunity to recognize those who donate to your civic, school, Veterans or other project. Engraving can be done on bricks, concrete pavers or on small granite pavers.



Engraved River Rocks

Engraved River Rocks and Garden Art bring memories right into your yard. Commemorate a loved pet, highlight the birth of a grandchild or create a small mediation area to remember family members who have past on. Garden memorials can be a simple rock, a birdbath, a bench or a piece of sculpture - anything that reminds you of a loved one.




Headstones and Grave Markers

Headstones and Grave Markers are the simplest and least expensive of all memorials. Usually flat markers are rectangle in shape. Unique memorials can be created by choosing special cut designs. Most cemeteries regulate the size and sometimes the color or design engraved on the marker. Cemeteries that have exclusive flat markers section will require a flat marker for those sections.



Slants and Pillow Markers

Slants and Pillow Markers are set to stand upright on a concrete foundation or on a granite base. Common types of slant markers have a serpentine top shape with polished front, back and top and natural rock pitched edges. Unique memorials, like oval shapes can be created by our designers. Slant markers are similar to an upright monument, but shorter and thicker. Pillow or Bevel markers have a shallow slope and are 6 to 8 inches tall.



Upright Monuments

Upright Monuments provide the most comprehensive memorial design choice. Upright monuments usually have at least two pieces- the tall and standing upright piece is called a Tablet and the low lying granite piece is called a Base. Usually an upright monument is set on either a concrete foundation or a granite foundation.


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Granite Colors

Granite Colors - Browse our selection of high quality granite colors we offer for headstones, monuments and memorials.