San Miguel District Cemetery, San Miguel


9405 Cemetery Rd, San Miguel, CA 93451

Open Daily 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

About San Miguel District Cemetery, San Miguel

On October 18, 1886, the railroad arrived at the lands of Mission San Miguel. The railroad provided transportation to take San Miguel cattle and produce to market, it also provided lumber and store goods to fuel the expanding population. The township required a new Cemetery which was accommodated by this site.

Ella Montgomery was the first internment that occurred on July 8, 1875. After 64 years of use, the San Miguel Cemetery District was officially formed on June 19, 1939. The graveyard was laid out with the Catholics buried in the northeast section and everyone else in the southeast section.

Along the front fence line of the catholic side is buried Corina Stanchelini. On May 1, 1907, she was buried halfway in and out of the graveyard to meet the church practice of the day. The grave of the 16-year-old Corina a non-Catholic wife was marked by a small obelisk and remains so today.

Rumor has it that the white picket fence on the southwest hill surrounds the plots of a non-christian Chinese man and a native of Holland Mr. Jan Stroink.

Verbal history claims that William Antrim from 12-1-1842 to 12-10-1922 was the outlaw Billy The Kid’s stepdad and is buried in the Protestant side marked by a large dark marble gravestone. 

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