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Upright Headstones, Gravestones, and Memorials

At Santa Barbara Monumental, we pride ourselves on delivering a one-of-a-kind memorial that you will be able to look upon with fond memories. An upright headstone is a traditional way to honor your loved one for many generations to come. With the many design choices and personalization options you have, we would like to break the process into manageable parts and give you time to work through your ideas. 

In this article, we are going to cover:

  1. Traditional and Custom Upright Monument Design
  2. Available Granite Colors for Markers
  3. Pricing and What to Expect
  4. Where to get an Upright Headstone engraved.
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Upright Headstone Design

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Traditionally, Upright Headstones are fairly recognizable, with their curved tops and striking upright features. Uprights, stand above most other memorials because they almost always stand… upright. The larger the upright headstone, the bigger the personality, and the grander the story of an amazing life well lived. With so much surface area for designing that story, you can really do a lot of unique engraving or sculpting. The level of design is up to you, but the upright headstone will definitely allow you to be very detailed. 

This is where considering what you would like to be engraved on your loved ones upright really comes into play. You have the ability to range from the most traditional, to the most intricate of carved or laser inscribed memorials. Our only goal is to help you tell their story in the most beautiful way possible. 

For Custom Headstones, plan on making the most of your loved one’s memorial. Custom headstones can be as big of a dream as your loved one was a dreamer. The sky is the limit. 

Here are a couple of design ideas and questions that might help you get their memorial design rolling. 

Did they have a bold personality?

Maybe a BOLD FONT would best honor them.

Did they have a central hobby that they truly loved?

Maybe a full-scale laser etching of their favorite golf course with the words “I’d Always Rather Be There” under it would suit your avid golfer. 

Or their favorite bird adorning the upper corner.

Even their favorite flower shape can be carved into the stone, showcasing the true depth and beauty that defined them. 

Were they religious?

Beautiful words from wise scripture may be more suited for their memorial. 

Available Granite Colors Best Suited For Flat Grass Markers.

  • Emerald Pearl Granite
  • Bahama Blue Granite Color
  • Black Granite Color
  • Blue Pearl Granite Color
  • Carnelian Granite Color
  • Sira Gray Granite
  • Morning Rose Granite Color
  • Rainbow Granite Color
  • Regal Black Granite Color
  • Sedona Pink Granite Color
  • Sentinel Red Granite Color
  • White Marble Color

Selecting the right color takes time. All of the colors of granite are mined and sourced from all over the world. Thus, each stone is ever so slightly different.

The sample photos are a very good representation of the granite we source daily, but in some cases, you may see some variation in the color across the stone especially in pieces like the Rainbow or Bahama Blue Granite. While some patterns are more uniform like Blue Pearl or Gray granite examples. 

All colors considered, it’s best to reach out and speak with one of our expert upright memorial designers for more details of our granite stock. 

Pricing and What You Can Expect When It Comes To Purchasing An Upright Headstone

  • Kong Traditional Upright Monument

When it comes time to design your loved one’s upright headstone, it is always wise to take your budget into account. In Santa Barbara and the surrounding area, you can expect your monument to range in price from $3,500 – $15,000+ depending on color, size and amount of design work. Requesting a proposal from our expert upright memorial designers will get you the quickest quote possible. Our artisan memorialists have crafted many stories into stone and cannot wait to begin engraving your loved one’s story. 

Where to go to get an Upright Memorial engraved?

Now that you have reviewed your color options, design ideas, and even the price range of your loved one’s upright headstone, it’s time to set an appointment with our Artisan Memorialist, Jed. He and his Santa Barbara Monumental Team will engrave you’re loved one’s story and make that engraving last for generations to come. 

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