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In Santa Barbara, we don’t just memorialize a loved one when they pass, we celebrate their whole life. Throughout a loved one’s story, there were triumphs and sorrows.  But, more importantly, they lived. And they continue to live on through your cherished memories with them. 

When buying a memorial in Santa Barbara, you have a multitude of options as to where to bury them, but only one option when it comes to engraving their stone. The carefully crafted headstones that come from Santa Barbara Monumental are labors of love and devotion that you share with your loved ones. We build your memories into a beautiful granite monument. 

Telling your loved one’s story is a simple process that starts with a conversation and, amazingly, ends with a gorgeous, budget friendly memorial. 

Get their memorial built to the standard that they would expect. 

Get their memorial from Santa Barbara Monumental Co. 

“Working with a monument builder could save you hundreds.”

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